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VASCHUK EOOD was established in December 2021. We are inheritors of the knowledge, experience and professionalism of Vasil Lyubomirov Chukov, who created the foundations and developed the activity of the company CHUKOV BG, which has been specializing in the production of plastic, silicone and aluminum parts for more than 20 years. Following the entire work process, he made the molds and their accompanying tooling, together with his team personally trained by him.

The legacy left by him, good name in business and human relations is the main goal for VASCHUK EOOD, which we will proudly continue to bear and follow his innovative and ingenious solutions, the creative thought of a discoverer, creator and inventor.

Founder of Chukov BG

Vasil Lubomirov Chukov

"There is no way, that there is no way"

Vasil Chukov


The manager of the company is Teodora Chukova – Vasil Chukov’s wife, who after his shocking death completely took over his work, preserving his entire team, experience, knowledge, production base and machine park, which is renewed and expanded.

The company fully follows his goals, way and organization of work, demanding extreme accuracy, precision and high quality of every manufactured detail, putting a personal attitude towards each individual client.

We have workshops for injection molding, punching, as well as repair and maintenance of injection molds, matrices and tooling equipment. For the parts injected and punched by us, we also perform the maintenance of the matrices and the tooling equipment.

Some of the details that we have made with only drawings for some of our customers have technologies patented by our team.


Bulgaria, Yagodovo village, Industrial area




+359 899 268038

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