The company offers the production of details assigned by the client, from the design and production of tooling to molding and injection molding. We also work with customer made tools. We offer a non-standard approach to solving engineering and technical tasks, dictated by the long-term experience and in-depth knowledge of our qualified production team. Our company assumes responsibility for the production of details of the highest quality in short technological terms.

What we offer

Production of plastic parts
Production of silicone parts
Production of aluminum details
Injection molding and punching
Preparation of drawings
Innovative solutions

Quality control and workflow tracking

Starting each production, we approach each customer individually, and this gives us the opportunity to cover the expectations and requirements of our partners to the maximum extent. Our policy for tracking and guaranteeing the quality of the workmanship of the parts is daily testing with the latest technology in this field and investing in the development of testing equipment to eliminate defects in products. Our team is meticulous and precise to every single detail.

Repair and maintenance

Taking responsibility for our customers, our company carries out repairs and maintenance.

Injection moulds
Tool equipment

Details we make for our customers

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